Christine Yasaitis recently launched Friends of Aviators Against ALS, an opportunity for individuals to support Aviators Against ALS in support of Answer ALS.  Read Christine’s message below and make a gift today!

Friends, Family, & Industry Colleagues… what would you give for more time with a loved one? Over the past year I have been involved in helping to raise money for Aviators Against ALS to support Answer ALS and now I am launching Friends of Aviators Against ALS – a chance for you to give individually. I know there are a lot of causes out there, but please consider this one, which raises funding to advance research and ultimately will give us more time with those we love who have this incurable disease.

I have a set a goal of $5,000 and I will personally match up to the first $1,000 donated and ask you to consider, instead of spending money on a night out or a new piece of clothing, donate that money to Friends of Aviators Against ALS. That money will go to research that is fighting this disease so we will have more time with loved ones who have ALS… to get another cup of coffee, have another night out on the town, a run down a ski slope, a meal, to watch a game, or just to sit around and laugh together… what would you give up today for a little more time tomorrow? Thank you for your support – together we can make a real difference!

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